Blog 03:  Hallow Witch By Cherriuki (DIYMoonshop)

 Hello again fellow crafty folk!
Today I will be reviewing my very first diamond painting from the online store DIYMoonshop, Hallow Witch by the artist Cherriuki.
Like many of the crafts I have explored, I was first introduced to painting via social media. I saw an ad for diamond painting pop up in my Facebook feed and being the curious crafter that I am, I immediately hopped over to Youtube to find out more about it. I can honestly say I was hooked from the very first video and after a little bit of googling I discovered that several of my local craft stores carried diamond painting kits so I picked up my first kit that same day, a cherry blossom partial by the company Diamond Dotz.
It didn’t take me long to realize the actual craft was just as addicting as watching videos on it and so I started perusing the various online stores that craft vloggers like Rachel Rae and Mrs.Crochet and Coffee reviewed regularly such as Diamond Art Club and DIYMoonshop. After digging around the DIYMoonshop website, I quickly realized that quite a few of their artists were right up my alley and so I decided to place an order. Because the shop is located in the Philippines shipping can be a bit pricey so I made the decision to pick up two kits to balance that out a bit as shipping is a flat rate for them. DIYMoonshop is wonderful in that they are a made to order company which means you don’t have to worry about them running out of a kit you like, but it does mean that there is a longer wait for the product to be put together and then shipped, normally around six weeks.
I was so excited when my package arrived, beautifully wrapped and then covered in several layers of protective plastic! Everything from the package to the toolkit to the canvas itself came labeled with my name and they even included a lovely little butterfly cover minder and several stickers as an extra surprise since it was my first time ordering with them.The canvases were in perfect shape and the company sends along plenty of trays and wax for the project. The diamonds all come pre-kitted up in labeled plastic bags so there is no extra hassle when preparing to start your new project.
I chose to buy Hallow Witch in the medium size because I was curious to see whether the little nuances of the picture would shine through in the smaller size as diamond paintings that are made too small can be pixelated and sad. It came out perfect! Nothing was lost in translation, including the cute little grumpy expression on the black cat’s face, the shading on the painting still had the same lovely whimsical feeling as the original artwork and I had plenty of spare drills so there was never a moment that I worried about running out of a specific color. Overall, I greatly enjoyed my first experience with DIYMoonshop and while they are a bit pricier than some other stores, you definitely get what you pay for!