Blog 01: Introductions

 My name is Shelbie and I am your resident colorful, craft obsessed librarian. After years spent plumbing the depths of Youtube for all things craft related and more pins and PInterest boards than any sane person should have, I finally had an epiphany, “I love experimenting with crafts and rambling to anyone who will listen for more than five seconds about my newest project/obsession. Why can’t I start a blog?” And so with the help of my tech-loving fiancee, Crafty Pandamonium was born.
My specialities lie in acrylic pour painting, loom knitting, diamond painting and cake decorating (although some people would not consider that a craft. Those people can go suck eggs, lol.) Due to the nature of my job, I am constantly looking for new skills to learn and share with the world via a variety of programs and so I am constantly coming across new mediums or techniques that I would like to try and it never seems like there are enough hours in the day for it all. For that reason, my goal for this blog is to share my crafting journey as I experiment with things like pastels, alcohol markers, watercolor paints and more while having a place and hopefully one day people to share my thoughts and experiences with.
Thanks for taking the time to read my little introductory blurb and I hope you stick around to see what else I have to post in the future!